Tiny House rendering
Welcome friends.

You are welcome to browse through this site where you can learn all about my development of a passive solar tiny house. If you aren't familiar with the concept of passive solar or if you want to learn more about how buildings are put together, visit the concepts page. Or to see the photo slideshow with explanations along the way, click on the construction page.

I offer special thanks to a few people without whom this house would never have gotten off the ground.
First and foremost to Robert Caskey who donated the land, the electricity, and the water access without which I could never have started on the house. Thanks also to Luke Schultz who donated both the tools and the knowledge to get this project going.
Thanks to some super volunteers who lent a great deal of time and support
Simon Hanson
Matt Philips
Valerie Garrett
Sugata Batacharia
Jill Natowitz
Mark Lakeman
and many of my friends

Thanks also to several organizations:
The City of Portland Green Building Program
The Rebuilding Center
EcoHaus City Repair

water droplet

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